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Family Law - Divorce

Denton County Divorce Lawyers

Texas Family Law Attorneys - Prenuptial Agreements

Divorce can be one of the most difficult transitions in an adults life. Our divorce lawyers at The Morris Legal Group understand the emotions and confusion surrounding divorce. Friends and family give you contradictory advice, with both anger and sadness adding to the challenges.

You need an experienced family law attorney who knows the law, knows the family courts, and knows the probabilities of success with various courses of action.

Divorces that do not involve children

Our attorneys will listen to your concerns and advise you on how to proceed. The priorities are:

  • Protecting you and your rights (especially if abuse is involved)
  • Protecting your assets (and making sure all assets are reported)

Divorces that DO involve children

There are additional issues in these cases that need resolution either by agreement between the parties or unilaterally by the court.

  • Child custody: If the parents do not agree on custody, the court will consider both the mother and the father as custodial parents.
  • Child support: The court relies on a child support calculator to determine amounts. Child custody decisions can also impact property settlements.
  • Visitation: Unless there are abuse or addiction issues involved, visitation is good for parents and children.
  • Spousal support, alimony: If the marriage lasted 10 or more years, specific, limited alimony may be granted. In some cases, there may be contractual alimony.
  • Property settlement and asset protection: Our attorneys will assure that all property is listed and we will fight for just and fair property distribution.

The family law attorneys at The Morris Legal Group know that this is a difficult time in a family's life. We will listen to your concerns, explain the divorce process, discuss the options available, and give you a realistic appraisal of your case.

Prenuptual Agreement

If you are planning to marry, it is a good idea to make sure that the parties go through a pre-marriage planning process concerning property and expectations. In many cases, a solid prenuptual agreement before the marriage can eliminate potential problems afterward.


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