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Family Law - Post-Divorce

Denton County Family Law and Divorce Attorneys

Visitation Rights, Custody, Child Support Lawyers

The divorce may be final, but post-divorce issues keep arising and family circumstances keep changing. Sometimes those issues require a post-divorce modification to the court's rulings. While many restructured families find ways to deal with changes, others need the help of attorneys and judges.

  • Changes in school calendars or holidays: When a child changes schools or when a school changes its calendar, there may be confusion about visitation schedules and rights.
  • Changes in income: When one parent has a substantial increase or decrease in income, there may be a need to return to the court for a review of child support amounts.
  • Failure to pay support: If the parent paying support fails to meet those obligations, the custodial parent may ask the court for enforcement.
  • Change in family circumstances: If a parent has addiction or abuse problems or if a parent relocates with the children, there may be a need to take the case back to court.
  • Hidden assets: If one party hid assets during the divorce process, the court may alter support and property settlement orders.
  • Health insurance, additional expenses: Are the child's health insurance needs being met? Have tuition costs increased? Does the child need psychological help, physical therapy, or have some other special needs? The issue may need to be taken to court.

The family law attorneys at The Morris Legal Group will listen to your case, assess the issue, and offer advice about your options and the probable outcome of those options. At our law firm, you will find the personal attention and effective legal representation your case deserves.


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